Pre-Retirement/Retirement Documentation


  • It is expected that you commence the process of your retirement 6 months before your exit with a notice of your impending retirement to your employer.
  • The LASPEC form will be given to you for completion if you are a state or Local Government employee.
  • Clearance form will be obtained from you from the Cooperative, Housing and other loan boards.
  • Your employer will forward to LASPEC the following documents (This should be contained in your File)
  • ——–Completed LASPEC form on which you should indicate your establishment file no at the top right.
  • ——–Notice of and Acceptance of retirement.
  • ——–Copy of letter of Appointment + confirmation (Certified Copy). If not readily available, please write a letter to that effect.
  • ——–2 Passport Photographs for your Bond Certificate. If you have served both state and Local Govt, you   will submit 3 passport Photographs as you will receive two Bond Certificates.
  • ——–Certified true copies of your promotion letters (If readily available)
  • ——–Original copy of record of service.
  • ——–Certified true copiesof Debt Clearance letters from the relevant agencies.
  • ——–RSA Welcome Letter and Detailed RSA statement of Account.
  • ——–Copy of Last Pay-Slip.


  • Duly signed letter informing PFA of retirement and requesting for payment of retirement benefit
  • Notice of and Acceptance of retirement.
  • One passport photograph.
  • Last pay slip.
  • Declaration of Age or Birth Certificate.
  • Letter of confirmation of account details from the employees bankers
  • Original copy of Retirement Bond Certificate
  • It is pertinent to note for now Retirement Bond Certificates are not being issued to parastatals. What is issued is a letter to which would be attached your computation sheet showing the details of payment into your RSA.
  • Your employer will thereafter write to LASPEC requesting that we forward to the PFA the clearance Letter. This is after confirmation has been given that you are not indebted to the agency.